The group's current icon.

Founded on April 25th, 2015 by SuperCloud9, the Boss Fighting Stages Fanclub is the group on ROBLOX specifically dedicated towards BFS. If you're looking for the most consistent updates on BFS and BFS content, this is the group to join.

Group Description Edit

Welcome to the Official BFS Group!
Discord: QSyXgkh

Here is where thoughts ideas and future updates will usually be posted. Feel free to post strategies, or experiences on certain bosses, or what you think will happen in the future!

Ranks Edit

Member: Join the fanclub.

Super Member: Prove your dedication to BFS, i.e. show that you are above the average member.

Boss Member: Become a well-known member in the BFS community. Show your fanaticism, i.e. prove that you are above even a Super Member.

Champion: Become one of the Champions of BFS.

Admin: SuperCloud9 must promote you as an Administrator. In general, this rank is reserved only for his good friends/developers and people he trusts.

BFS Co - Owner: Be either TheSteelEagle or Nymint.

Creator: SuperCloud9 himself.

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