Well, I'll go first!
— Baller, preparing to fight You.

Baller Edit

Baller is dressed in a red shirt and black pants. He is the original creator of the Dodgeball, and the best at using it. Baller acts somewhat immature and egotistical, as is evident from his behavior in Chapter 4 and when Crusher was planning on summoning the Spirit Duo in Chapter 6.

Boss Information Edit

Unlike the other bosses encountered so far, Baller has no skills. To compensate for this, Baller uses an advanced AI that uses an algorithm to calculate his actions, making him a harder boss. In general, he will dodge away from advancing melee attackers and dodge towards players that go out of his range. He will also sometimes dodge away from skills and projectiles.

Phase 1: Baller throws starter dodgeballs at players.

Phase 2: At 150,000 health, Baller heals back up to 250,000 health and equips a Spiky Ball, dealing more damage.

Trivia Edit

-Baller's theme is also used as the theme for a level in TDW2.

-Baller thinks his class to be the best of the four.

-Baller is the first class to use the mega boss health bar.