I'm CRUSHER! I can dish out incredible damage, and take a lot of it too!
— Crusher, introducing his class.

His name is no joke; The Crusher carries a Hammer that can destroy anything the crusher swings at. On top of that, Crusher is also the tankiest of all the classes, being able to survive many attacks that would've outright killed any other class. However, he is also the slowest of the classes, making dodging enemy attacks very difficult.

Tier Skill Description Cooldown Image
1 Cyclone Crusher spins in a circle, dealing extra damage to anything his hammer hits. 4 seconds
2 Breaker Crusher charges up for an attack, then slams his hammer down on the ground in front of him, dealing massive damage. 15 seconds
3 ??? Not released yet ???
4 ??? Not released yet ???


-Crusher's damage dealing capacity far outweighs that of any other class in the game (apart from extreme damage optimization with Slicer), with his basic attacks dealing well over 1000 damage, and maxing out at around 8000 damage for a level 100 EpicHammer. His Cyclone skill does around 8000-15000 damage, sometimes critting in the 20K damage range. His Breaker skill deals damage in the 20-30K range on a regular hit, and can do 68K in a crit with a level 100 EpicHammer. (To put this in perspective, a crusher can kill McSlash in a single hit if he crits with a breaker.)

-Despite Crusher's high health, he is usually the class that dies first, due to the short range of his hammer forcing him to move right up against the boss. That, coupled with his very slow movement speed means that any attack he can't tank through will most likely kill him. Dodging attacks with Crusher requires you to anticipate the boss's next move, and moving away preemptively.

-Fyzu and Gallatheus are the current champions that main Crusher.