Current Project

Working on the autumn update for BFS, as well as BFS Rebirth Update part 2.

BFS Updates

Update v1.1.0 [April 20th, 2016]

-Fixed all reported bugs in BFSR. Production started for Chapter 7 Update.

Update v1.1.1 [May 12th, 2016]

-Skins + Lag Reduction + Mysteliates optimized for less lag.

Update v1.1.2 [May 14th, 2016]

-Added Chapter 7.

Update v1.1.4 [May 28th, 2016]

-Added two new mysteliates, Windforce and Spike.

-Added a new rebirths mechanic.

-Added several new skins.

Update v1.1.5 [June 17th, 2016]

-Minor bugfixes to cutscene and exp gain.

Update v1.1.6 [???]

-Fixed xp and point bug.

Update v1.1.7 [July 1st, 2016]

-Added the NR1 Event.

Update v1.1.8 [July 2nd, 2016]

-Fixed some bugs with the NR1 Event.

Update v1.1.9 [July 8th, 2016]

-Removed the NR1 Event.

Update v1.2.0 [December 25th, 2016]

-Added the Christmas Wrath Event.

-Fixed Roblox's chat deletion bug.

-Made UIs less cluttery.

-Made character speech boxes appear faster, and when the same character speaks twice in a row it no longer opens a new box.

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