We haven't had a fight like this in centuries!
— Dezadon, after the Duo Crisis battle.

Dezadon Edit

Dezadon is dressed in cyan armor, with horned skulls on his shoulder plates. He wields a non-functional shield along with a cyan blade. One of the two Ancient Spirits, Dezadon seems to be the more fighting-oriented of the two, referring to You as "warrior".

Dezadon seems to be Arcane's sarcastic friend, often having to put up with Arcane's know-it-all antics.

Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not open if you do not wish to read.

Now entering spoiler territory.

In Chapter 7, Arcane and Dezadon reveal that they have a tyrant ruler known as the Spirit King. They also reveal that there are other malevolent spirits, in particular The Asudem and The Wraith. Arcane encountered The Asudem, whilst Dezadon encountered The Wraith.

End of spoilers.

Trivia Edit

-Dezadon and Baller once had a race.

-Dezadon's Blast Surge attack is based off of one of Swordphin's attacks from Pwned: Incrypt.

-Dezadon was one of SuperCloud9's fan submission bosses for Pwned: Incrypt. It was not accepted.

Boss Information Edit

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