In BFSR, fans may submit new skins to be sold in the Gamepass/Purchases menu. Here are all the current fan submissions (please note that these are all submissions, and may not make it into the actual game).

  • Created by MrCrap287. From left to right: Pandora Icosahedron, Dark Azurewrath Bow, Hacker Sword, and Dark Azurewrath Hammer.
  • Demonwrath Skin Set created by dawi1.
  • Retextured Starter Skin set created by maxguy56.
  • Overseer Skin Set created by flamingtiger313.
  • Various Baller Skins Set created by UndyingBlaze.
  • Dragon Skin Set created by firemat2005.
  • Great warriors fight with their soul. Soul Skin Set created by theultimatedianite.
  • Void Skin Set created by r2r911.
  • Baller skin created by kent911t.
  • Skin set + mysteliate created by ZhenHero.
  • Created by MrCrap287. From left to right: Amethyst Bow, Halberd (Slicer), Battle Axe (Crusher), Sapphire Sword.
  • Poison Skin set by iSavaric.
  • Skin set created by Kelban. From left to right: Murdering Edge, Fang of Remesi, Benotoite Hammer.
  • Skin set created by Kelban. From left to right: Dark Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Sugilite.
  • Skin set created by Kelban. From left to right: Shining Sparrow, Tourmaline, Poudretteite.
  • Steampunk Skin Set by MrCrap287.
  • Crusher Skin Set by Kelban.
  • Various skins by Kelban.
  • Baller skin by Spikeball24.
  • Slicer skin set created by MrCrap287. Includes the Equinoxian Fang and Lavatein.
  • Voltron's Blazing Sword slicer skin by BetterKevin1578.
  • Sawblade Lightning piercer skin by blader84.
  • Devil Beater Skin Set created by alexdavid4. Includes weapons inspired by the characters Has, Xenon, Shuu, and Rufaro.
  • Created by alexdavid4.
  • They want to be your friend, and you accepted. Noob Skin Set created by SonicKid626.

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