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What was supposed to be a run to the market, turns into a great adventure for courage, trust, and love.

Shielder x Helen Nifol (Credit to Fyzu for her character.)

Shielder has left Helen's mansion down in the Aberrant Dogma, and she's shattered on the inside. After what's happened, Helen realized that for once, someone actually had the courage to spend so much time with her. Well- Er, what the point is... She was decimated after seeing Fenris almost kill Shielder like that during their fight, then being laughed at by him and the Guards. Helen wouldn't stop thinking about Shielder ever since he left, what is he gonna do? Will he be ok? She was spiraled into confusion and misery as the gladiator disappeared from her presence. A Korbloxian was roaming throughout the mansion, until he saw the lieutenant caretaker standing motionless in the middle of the room. "Hey, aren't you the person who watches this place?" It asked. Helen didn't reply. "Well, uh... The toilet in the upstair's bathroom's clogged again. Some idiots kept flushing it until the whole thing flooded, and we- Hey! Are you even listening to me?!" The Korbloxian ranted at her. Helen didn't reply. "Uhh... Are you okay?" It asked, starting to sound concerned. "Tell me, abrupt one... Have you ever experienced a feeling that left you breathless? As if you've found that one thing you've always been looking for your entire life, but never found it due to impossible requirements?" Helen asked, keeping her head down. "UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH????" The Korbloxian had no idea what she was talking about. "I... GUESS???" It obviously lied just to act like it understood her, but didn't. "Well... I think I may be experiencing this feeling right now, you see..." Helen spent almost 20 minutes explaining to the Korbloxian about Shielder. "And... That's when he left. He sounded almost suicidal, and I don't want him to kill himself just because he lost..." She mumbled, trying not to sound upset.