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Ok so this is creepypasat about bfs pls leave all critizitm below so lets start ps im bad speller so no crizitize me

So one day i decided to play bfs rebirth adn when i joined there was nobody on the servrer i thought it was weird but played anyways and it skipped chapter 1 and it felt suspicious an d i thought it must be a bug and so i kept playing and then chapter 2 started and king didn't talk until good finish last knights and so i got in castle and fought knites and then killed the boss and then i got the switches and fought heavey knight so then mcslash is here but his expreshion is blank so it was really weird now so he was even weaker then before and when he dead he said "you can turn back now" and didnt crisis so i was kinda scared and kept playing anyway so i got to spike castle and there was only black and white and it was silent so then i went all te way to the top becaus there was no nights or bosses and than fought azurewrath who said "stop now, you can save yourself" and he crisised and he was really hard and spammed attacks more so i killed him and went to next and there was no rock monsters just stone who sat and did nothing, so i tride to pass him and he pushed me back so i killed him he did no atacks and crumbled dramatically so i went to nest area to fight aqua but i was really scared here

Aqua was all blood and water was blood but no water monsters in there and backwards creepy music played and i was scared and took a break from the game, left immeditatley and next day i came back hoping it was normal but i was alone agian and i was at the part with armord monsters but there was none and the steps were there so i went to castle and the king and masters were there no introducton and king said he needed me to go to factory so i went there and all lazers was disabled so i went through and destroy generator with no robot in the place and king sent me to tec devil so i fought tec devel and he seid "you think its all a game dont yuo" and he got based and fought him and he shut down and i went back and there was no creepy guy and the king and masterds all had worried looks on there faces thouh and sent me to training

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Epolige i wake up and it was all a nightmare, i fell on the floor, everybody do the dinosaur