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Want to Make a Story Part? Then you have it.... In 1982 There was 4 Legendz of Fighting that was Defending the Kingdom for over 25 Years. Miltshere the Crusher , Orallicious the Slicer , Venimuex the Baller and Rocketax the Piercer. One day Rocketax saw someone coming. It was black, had a hood so you couldn't see it's face. He got frightened so he instinctively shot an arrow at it. His arrow bounced off. So he went to get the king. The king saw him, and as the being walked into the king's palace, the king asked, "Who are you?" The black figured replied, "Not important. King, bring your warriors into battle in 3 days, or my warriors will destroy the palace." Venimuex couldn't believe what he heard.

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