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Hello! This is a CYOA of Boss Fighting Stages. Or a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of thing.

I give choices to you, and you pick it in the comments

Who will you be?

A: Slicer

B: Baller

C: Crusher

D: Piercer

Total Votes: 24

Piercer wins.

Okay, so you picked Piercer. Piercer shoots arrows with accuracy. You get the point

Chapter 1: "why is a tutorial test stage nesscary"

Welcome to Chapter 1, the tutorial stage nobody wanted.

But we're going to fight no enemies, but bosses to simpifly it.

Let's skip the crap to the boss.

Boss: Slightly Bigger Noob [HP: 500]

The noob attacks.

What shall we do?

A: Dodge the attacks and aim for the head

B: Ignore dodging and just attack.

C: Dodge until their guard is down

D: Dance like a lunatic