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This fanfiction contains violence.

This is fanfiction. Anything that happens in this story does not actually happen in the game. This is not one of those disgusting fan-fiction and appropriate to all ages (if they can handle battling).


All the people who are mentioned:

  • Slasher
  • Slicer
  • Dezadon
  • McSlash
  • King
  • Piercer
  • Baller
  • Zhao
  • Crusher
  • Bomber
  • Troweler

1.5 Years Back

One day, in the kingdom, Slasher and Slicer were training. They were going against Dezadon. Dezadon was about to use his most powerful weapon, the ultimate explosion. When he used it, it hit Slasher right in the head. Headshot. Dezadon then realized he over-charged it, and it sent Slasher to the hospital. After he got out of the hospital, he said to Slicer, "Our fun times our over. I am now your enemy." And he put on the gear that McSlash has and became McSlash. Immediately he attacked the king, left him wounded, and ran off. Piercer, Baller, and Zhao helped the king to the hospital, while Crusher was training with Bomber. Slicer was crying on the ground. "What is wrong?" Slicer turned around and saw Troweler walking up to him. "Slasher has left me. He said he is now McSlash and is now my enemy." Slicer replied. "That must stink." Troweler said in a sad voice.

1 year back (half a year after Slasher became McSlash)

"We're almost there. I must see Slasher again." Said Slicer. Piercer rolled his eyes. "Why do you want to see an enemy?" He said. Slicer responded, "Because Slasher was my old friend. We did so much togeth- BALLER! WHAT HAPPENED?!?" Baller was on the ground, his dodgeball next to his hand. Baller was really wounded. Baller said in a whisper voice "Mc..Mc....Mc....McSla...McSlash!" Then fainted. "Of corse. McSlash, McSlash, MCSLASH? Are you here?" Slicer called. No response. "McSlas.." "Would you stop it? It's hurting my ears!" Piercer said, and rolled his eyes again. "Hello, old friend. Been a long time hasn't it?" Slicer recognized the voice of McSlash. "Why have you come to see me?" McSlash asked. "Because you're Slicer's friend, or have you forgot?" Piercer said. "Come face me in battle. Why you shall ask? Because, if you don't, I will KILL Baller." Slicer gasped. Baller groaned but didn't move or speak. "Fine. Have it your way." Slicer pulled out his sword. Piercer pulled out his darkheart bow. Crusher ran from the shadows and pulled out his hammer. McSlash got his sword. "Lets do thi-", "Crusher, Baller, Piercer, Slicer, where are you guys?" They recognized the voice of the king. Piercer turned around and gasped, "McSlash is gone!" Immediately they heard the king yell. Troweler got his Trowel, ready to make a wall. Piercer, Slicer, Crusher, Troweler, and Zhao ran toward the king's voice as fast as they could, Piercer and Crusher were carrying Baller's body, while Zhao was carrying's Baller's dodgeball. They saw the king on the ground. McSlash next to him. "Oh, came to get your king I see." McSlash taunted in a baby voice. "Give it up McSlash. We WILL win." Slicer said. Slicer got out his sword. Piercer and Crusher put down Baller's body, and got out their weapons. Zhao gave Troweler the dodgeball, and Troweler made a wall 8 feet tall.

To be continued