Many new mechanics were added to BFS's fighting gameplay in BFSR. This is a comprehensive list of additions, as well as old mechanics pre-rebirth players are familiar with.

Basic Fighting Edit

Each class can attack by clicking left-mouse while a weapon is equipped. Each weapon functions slightly differently, but every class with the exception of Crusher operates on a limb-based system. This means your weapon will hit multiple times depending on how many limbs it touches. Each hit has a set damage range depending on your level, currently equipped weapon, and class.

Every class also has the ability to perform Skills. Tier 1 and Tier 2 skills are unlocked at Level 25 and Level 50, respectively. Each skill has its own cooldown and cast time. To find out more about each class's skills, see them in their individual Classes page.

Every player starts with 7 lives. Upon dying, that counter is reduced by one. When all lives are lost, they are teleported to the lobby, where they may spectate the current battle. Lives are reset after certain boss fights. If all in-game players lose all their lives, the chapter will restart. If the server has failed the chapter three times consecutively (two in limited-time events), the server will rollback to the previous chapter (or to Chapter 1 in limited-time events).

Killing enemies and bosses will award you points. Points are used to buy weapons and Mysteliates. Joining a game in a later chapter will also award you points to compensate for joining later. Points and weapons do not save. This is so the earlier chapters remain somewhat of a challenge. Additionally, all weapons and points are reset upon the final chapter being completed.

Weapons Edit

Weapons are used to upgrade a player's damage, and are the main factor in determining how much damage a player deals. As a low level, you will have to buy weapons more often to support your DPS. High levels often deal so much base damage that they can afford to save up for the final weapon. Weapons are bought through the Menu.

Dodging Edit

The main addition to fighting mechanics in BFSR is dodging. Double-tapping W, A, S, or D will cause you to quickly dash in that direction. Pressing Q or E will also dodge you left and right. Dodge direction is determined by the position of your torso, so even if your camera is looking one direction, your dodging can send you in a completely different one. Dodging consumes energy, which is displayed in the bottom right. Optimizing your dodging can be done by dodging once, and waiting for the full animation to occur, then dodging again. This allows you to get the furthest whilst consuming the least amount of energy.