I've always been here, I just use magic to talk to you from afar.
— King, explaining his communication power.

King Edit

The King of Draco is dressed in white shirt, black pants, and a cyan crown. The King has a generally calm demeanor communicating with You from afar using magical communication. He resides in a castle in the Draco Grasslands, accompanied by The Masters.

The King wields a special type of Mana that allows him to communicate telepathically as well as teleport himself and others to different locations. He seems to be a very knowledgeable individual, as he helped train the Masters as well as several other candidates.

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The Masters lose contact with King at the end of Chapter 7. He was most likely captured by the Darkin, as the Masters were too busy training "You" to help guard him. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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Trivia Edit

-You and the King seem to be acquaintances before the events of Chapter 2. There are no introductions between You and King in Chapter 2; they speak as if they already know each other well.

-Through some means, the King knows about the factory constructed to block his communication, despite never leaving the castle.