Mr. Hammer is a non-canon boss.

i have an epik hammer!!1
— Mr. Hammer

Mr. Hammer Edit

Mr. Hammer has blue legs, a gray torso, and white skin, with a bloxxer symbol on his torso. On his head he wears an ornate bronze helm with glowing orange eyes, and has a facetious expression. In his hands he holds a large red hammer.

Upon entering raig moad [sic], his body turns pitch-black and his hammer is immolated in fire.

Like the other noobs, Mr. Hammer's personality is childish, a reference to the stereotypical behavior of young, new Roblox players.

Boss Information Edit

Name Description
Noob Cyclone Mr. Hammer spins in a circle, swinging his hammer around to deal damage to anything it hits.
Noob Breaker Mr. Hammer raises his hammer up, then smashes it down to deal heavy damage to anything it hits.

Upon reaching 1,000,000 health, Mr. Hammer will enter raig moad [sic], regenerating to full health and increasing his speed and skill cast rate, as well as giving him an additional skill.

Name Description
Shoop da Woop Mr. Hammer stops moving, and summons small red indicators all over the map. After a few seconds, giant lasers appear on the indicated locations, instantly killing anyone caught in the AOE.