Main Storyline

All bosses will not be covered in-depth here. For more information on the bosses and their fights, please go to the Bosses page.

-Chapter 1: The Simple
-Chapter 2: Invade the Fortress
-Chapter 3: Dark Illusions
-Chapter 4: Meet the Masters
-Chapter 5: Technological Terror
-Chapter 6: The Test
-Chapter 7: The Final Test


-BFS takes place in the same universe as SuperCloud9's Draco Rock and Draco Rock Defense games. SuperCloud9 has since closed down those games, and any information that could lead to potential spoilers for BFS has since been lost.

-SuperCloud9 has had the full plot of BFS planned out since he started development, and plans to have 13 chapters in total.

-SuperCloud9 plans to add three non-canon chapters in a series known as Nostalgia Revived.