Editor of the month is a new system. Every month, we will be awarding the "Editor of the Month" special tag. If you get this tag on your profile, you will keep it FOREVER (unless your account gets an infinite block, it will get hidden permanently). Your tag will additionally show the month you earned it. Every month, the admins will decide whether or not the editor of the month will be admin pick or community vote. We will start in the month of July 2016.

August 2016

This month's Editor of the month type is...

Community Vote!

Vote now

Vote by posting the person you want to win in the comments. Who should be the editor of the month? After we get enough results, we will narrow it down. Whoever wins gets the special Editor of the Month tag! YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. Also, make sure you vote for someone you think deserves it. Not your friend, or an admin, but vote who you think deserves it. The user you're nominating must be an account, not a wikia contributor

What does it look like?

If you want to know what the editor of the month tag looks like, go to EditorOfTheMonthShowoff's user page to see what it looks like. it's tag says no date, but if you get it, it will have the month and the year you got it.