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  • Christmas Wrath returns! Survive and defeat MerryWrath and deck his halls to obtain a festive badge! Sir Kadee has also fled with Noob Defender, see you later, NR2.
  • NEW CHAMPIONS! Enetredrox, kevinbop6, and zydo3904 have all attained champion status! Some previous champions have been demoted.
  • Added something deep, random numbers seem to be appearing, what could it all mean? Decrypt it all for a prize.

What is Boss Fighting Stages Rebirth?
Boss Fighting Stages is a game made by SuperCloud9 on the ROBLOX game engine. It's a cooperative game for up to 8 players that involves various waves, or stages, of enemies, followed by a boss. Players must choose a class, and work together to defeat the bosses of progressively harder stages. This is the wiki made for Boss fighting stages. This wiki has had 8,955 edits and changes since its creation. Additionally, 694 files have been uploaded, which includes images and videos, 13 active users editing the wiki. The wiki is run by our 3 admins.

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