Soul Weegee is a non-canon boss.

Soul Weegee Edit

Soul Weegee is a gigantic incarnation of Weegee, the well-known internet meme based off of Luigi from Nintendo's Mario franchise. As king describes it, he possesses an "odd form of mana". His existence is really quite unexplained.

Boss Information Edit

What... Is... That...
— You, upon seeing Soul Weegee.

Soul Weegee chases down the nearest player, smashing the ground if they are close by, and shooting a laser beam out of his face if they are farther away.

Name Description
Weegee Smash Soul Weegee raises his fists up, then smashes the ground in front of him, instantly killing anything in his way, and dealing large damage to nearby players.
Weegee Stare Soul Weegee raises his hands to his face, then releases a bright white laser beam from his face that scathes the ground in the direction he is facing, instantly killing any player it touches.

At 250,000 health, Soul Weegee will completely ignore players and instead charge straight for the castle. If he reaches the castle, it is an instant kill, causing the server to fail the chapter. He is vulnerable to attacks while he is charging, so it is imperative to destroy him before he reaches the castle door.

Trivia Edit

-Soul Weegee is based on the Weegee meme.