Heya, congratulations on reaching this far!
— A typical time where SuperCloud9 congratulates the player on reaching the end of the game.

SuperCloud9 is the lead developer of Boss Fighting Stages, and has done most of the programming, 2D/posing visuals and dialogue work seen in the game. He also develops many other games, some of the more popular of them being The Doom Wall 2 and The Wraith. He appears throughout the game to occasionally break context to notify the player about events outside of the game.


SuperCloud9's in-game appearance is nigh-exact to his typical current appearance, as it is just an older version of that. The skin (and the S logo on his shirt) uses ROBLOX's New Yeller colour; his actual clothes consist of a white T-shirt with an "S" (presumably standing for Super) logo and hard-blue jeans (the modern Super uses jeans more akin to navy-blue washed). For hat wear, he wears a Shaggy for hair, a crimson scarf and the "Dare Devil" hat atop his hair. His new avatar adds the "Ninja King" hat to cover his mouth. In-game, he uses Skeptic and wields a blue-and-white translucent sword on his back, and on the site, along with utilizing newer ROBLOX features for higher quality, he uses the "Super Super Happy Face" face.


SuperCloud9 has no role in the main story; his only appearances are at times when players are at the lobby. During the actual game, he remains idle in the lobby in the case of players dying, alongside other developers. Whenever the players would complete the most recently finished area of the current game, Super will congratulate the server, reward them with a substancial amount of Boss Points. After this, the players are sent back to the beginning of the game for a new cycle to begin, and this will repeat until the server is closed.


  • SuperCloud9 hates being called Cloud for short. Call him Super instead.
  • The new name of Super was created in the order to associate with the feeling of "cloud 9", a high feeling of happiness, somewhat similar to Sunsoft.
  • Super has an extreme fondness for Latin; he often uses it for character names (Volucer, Prolabor, temporary name change of SuperiusNovem).