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    The main antagonists of my Non-Canon chapter: Gladiator Defense. The enemies mainly consist of Redcliff Knights, with 2 Bosses.

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    This Non-Canon Chapter, "Gladiator Defense" takes place at Shielder's Coliseum. "You" must help Crusher and Shielder defend against invading Redcliff Knights, who are trying to destroy Shielder's Father's sacred treasure, a magic bell that can soothe one's spirit. Redcliff's motive to destroy this bell is unknown, most likely that they want to spite Shielder or they just plain hate it.

    "You" is called to the King's throne, where he has a request.

    -You: "Alright, I'm here. What's the situation?"

    -King: "It seems that Crusher needs your help, but he didn't really explain what it was."

    Crusher walks in.

    -Crusher: "Sorry I'm late, I had to do something."

    -You: "Crusher, what's the problem?"

    -Crusher: "Well, my friend has recently sent me a distress l…

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    November 29, 2016 by Beta Meta Knight

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    }} |title = Fearless Gladiator |firstapp = |allegiance = King's Faction |theme = Castle Crashers - Blacksmith's Store }}

    Shielder wears a brown chestplate with white leggings, along with his bronze battle helmet forged by his village blacksmith. He always carries his Spartan shield on his back unless tempted into defense. It was passed onto him from his father, given the choice whether to wield it or a spiked mace for combat. He prefers to live in solemn and solitude, away from what he calls "Outsiders". He can be gentle with his friends, but he's very serious at the same time.

    As said above, his shield was passed down from his father, which he now wields it in the field of battle. He actually was never a gladiator to begi…

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