Shielder is a fanmade submission for the BFS OC Contest
I was given a choice of a Shield or a Mace... It's quite obvious of what my decision was.
— Shielder's response after "You" ask what his weapon was.


Shielder wears a brown chestplate with white leggings, along with his bronze battle helmet forged by his village blacksmith. He always carries his Spartan shield on his back unless tempted into defense. It was passed onto him from his father, given the choice whether to wield it or a spiked mace for combat. He prefers to live in solemn and solitude, away from what he calls "Outsiders". He can be gentle with his friends, but he's very serious at the same time.


As said above, his shield was passed down from his father, which he now wields it in the field of battle. He actually was never a gladiator to begin with, he wanted to take up a life entertainment in local festivals, until his home village was attacked by unknown invaders and his mother was killed trying to defend their home. He vowed revenge against those who ruined his family and crushed his dreams, so he decided to head to his father's coliseum to train.

20 years later he's finally accomplished his goal after he killed his own father in battle, at first he felt guilty, but his father's last words were "Congratulations, you are ready." before passing away. Now Shielder trains daily in the ring and takes on all challengers, but almost no one knows about him so he's just sitting in that old ring.

Eventually he heard about the King's retaliation against The Darkin, who poses a threat to his land, so he participated in the tournament to become a master but unfortunately failed when Crusher defeated him. Shielder was quite proud of Crusher's skill, so he returned to his father's coliseum to continue training. He's not exactly a Quazer at the moment, but he has mana inside of him that he still has yet to control.

It us unknown if Shielder even KNOWS about Mana, considering the fact he's been avoiding society ever since the incident with his mother. Still, he continues to push himself in hope of killing the person responsible for her death. The cause of this attack most likely leans towards the Darkin, but there's always a chance some unknown culprit could be out there trying to target him. Shielder is often a good friend of Crusher ever since they fought in the tournament, sometimes he'd write letters and send them to the King's Castle, but never got any replies.

During his days in training, Shielder realized that his village was attacked because the culprit must've been after his father's sacred gold bell, which rests inside the coliseum. Its soothing rings can bring peace to one's mind and soul, and the culprit wanted to destroy it. Now they discovered the bell is still surviving and plan to attack Shielder's Coliseum one day.

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