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    The chapter starts with a small cutscene of crusher running trough the front gates of the castle. King, You, Piercer and Slicer turn their heads to Crusher that just ran in.


    Crusher: Guys! We have a MASSIVE problem!

    Slicer: What's wrong crusher?

    Crusher: B-Baller..

    Slicer: Baller?

    Crusher: He's gone!!

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    December 1, 2016 by CherryChadia

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    }} |title= |firstapp= |allegiance= Kingdom of Roala |theme= Normal:LEAF XCEED Music Division - Guitar vs. Piano Lost Soul:eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE-BLACK PACKAGE OST ~ Intersect Thunderbolt |health= 1750000 |skills= 6 |immunities= |difficulty= 7 |xp = 12500 |pp = 500 }}

    My mother language is NOT english, so mistakes might appear often. (lol i suck at writing)

    Ignatius is the leader from a small kingdom in the middle of a corrupted dimension called Roala. Despite him being the leader, he is still very young even if it may not look like that. His usual attire consists of a black cape resting on his shoulders and a chocolate brown hood which his horns coated with lava just pierce right through. His pants…

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