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  • I live in memeland
  • I was born on January 17
  • My occupation is making an oc character that has name similar to sharpener
  • I am A magical pony
  • Daggyer

    Oc for the heck of it

    February 21, 2017 by Daggyer


    Normal= - Battle= - Battle Phase 2= }} |boss= yes |title= Master of the pitchfork |firstapp= |allegiance= N/A |theme= Battle:Waterflame - Clutterfunk

    Battle phase 2:Waterflame - Sky Fortress

    |health= 1,400,000 |skills= |immunities= |difficulty= 6 |xp= |pp= }}

    Scarhcrow is a scarecrow with an old looking wizard hat and a face with stitching for a mouth, which makes him struggle to speak a normal voice. His choice of weapon would be a Pitch fork.

    Scarhcrow was never a normal scarecrow, living in a farm, which had got attacked by unknown forces which killed his owner, this owner had an unknown force of power which can turn anything into a living t…

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  • Daggyer

    Shapenor x A sharpener

    December 27, 2016 by Daggyer


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  • Daggyer

    Verdor's Chapter Plot

    December 13, 2016 by Daggyer

    You encounter the castle from chapter 3 but this time it looks way more buffed with lots of obstacles, you remember when azurewrath said his superior would be disappointed? this is the chapter when you will be meeting his superior for the first time, you'll have to defeat all 3 bosses and find their gems, the gems are placed randomly across the arena of the first, second and third floor, after you find them you can continue to the next floor until you fight Verdor himself. You and crusher, baller , piercer and slicer encounter the castle from chapter 3

    You: Isn't this the castle we fought Azurewrath in?

    Crusher: It seems that someone is back for revenge

    King: Don't you guys remember when Azurewrath said His superior would be disappointed, well I…

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  • Daggyer


    December 1, 2016 by Daggyer

    - Verdor=

    - Bowler=

    - Doom= |thumb]]|50x50px]] }} |title = The Master of Katanas |firstapp = |allegiance = The Friend trio |theme = Verdor: [1]
    Bowler: [2]
    Doom: [3] |health = 1500000 |skills = 7 |immunities = |difficulty = 9 |xp = 10000 |pp = 500 }}

    He wears pitch black pants, a sleeveless royal purple shirt and a black bowtie to top it off. On his head rests a grey tophat with a shiny purple band around it that covers up a decent amount of his dark purple hair. At last, around his neck is his trusty old purple scarf. Very simple weapons include an old trusty purple katana not very complicated but it's his choice of weapon after all and that's his first weapon he had ever gotten. He has a group called the friend trio he is currently the ma…

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