Welcome to theth big farm!
— Scamzo, introducing his home.


Scarhcrow is a scarecrow with an old looking wizard hat and a face with stitching for a mouth, which makes him struggle to speak a normal voice. His choice of weapon would be a Pitch fork.


Scarhcrow was never a normal scarecrow, living in a farm, which had got attacked by unknown forces which killed his owner, this owner had an unknown force of power which can turn anything into a living thing, he had used this force to awoken Scarhcrow and he used to train him on how to use a rather tool that was never really used for a weapon, which was a pitchfork. Scarhcrow being a scarecrow had no feelings for his owner but to this day he wanted to find out who had destroyed his beloved home, even if he re built it.


Scarhcrow has a happy personality, unlike other enemies, his first battle form is usually his happier side, but similar to Sir kadee his last phase is usually a more sinister personality.


Battle phase 1

Pitchfork slam Scamzo slams his pitchfork into the ground which causes him to raise spikes which deal medium damage[60-70]

Pitchfork spin Scamzo spins in a circle with his pitchfork dealing low damage [30-50]

Pitchfork throw Scamzo throws his pitchfork, if this hits the enemy it deals high damage [90]

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