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    December 31, 2016 by DeathOfMidnight


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  • DeathOfMidnight


    December 21, 2016 by DeathOfMidnight

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    }} |boss= yes |title= The Soul Gatherer |firstapp= |allegiance= Sin Army |theme= Brave Frontier - Warrior's Will |health= 2250000 |skills= 11 |immunities= |difficulty= 8 |xp= 22000 |pp= 3800 }}

    Sinister wears a black hood and a black bandanna.He also has glowing yellow eyes and wears red armour.

    As being the soul gatherer,Sinister is extremely violent.Though,he is complimentary and unlike others,he always wants to accept battles and is craving for more training and power.Not much is also known about Sinister.

    Sinister has been created by thousands of souls,including giving him the power of gathering souls.Due to this,Sinister has man…

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