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  • EvilJacobthehero2013

    The King had revived a letter that The Lord of the Shadows has been released and is trying to destroy him once again. Crusher said that it will be way too easy for them to stop since LotS is very weak, however The King mention that someone was assassinating many of the King's followers and warriors. He asked You and the masters to find LotS and the assassin and defeat them. Piercer asked who that person was. The King described him that he was almost like him, but more dark like. Piercer realize that person was actually his long lost brother, Drak, saying that he was taken by The LotS and believed that he might have trained him to be a member of his army. Once Piercer finish his story, The King teleports them to Drak's location, Dracshadowi…

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  • EvilJacobthehero2013


    Chapter Plot here. It's still WIP.

    Drak is Piercer's Lost brother and the secret and most strongest member of the Shadow Army.

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Shadow=


    |title = Piercer's Lost Brother |firstapp = |allegiance = Shadow Army |theme = Two Steps From Hell - Breaking
    Shadow Mode: gmtn. (witch's slave) - artefatto vita |health = 1600000 |skills = 7 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 45000 |pp = 750}}

    Drak Bowen Airrow is the secret member of the Shadow Army. He has yellow skin, and wears a purple torso and black pants. He has purple hair matching his torso. He dons a purple hood with a cape. He plans on taking down the King and the masters once and for all with his elite shadow minions, and also wanted his revenge on Pierc…

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