Chapter Plot/Gameplay

The King had revived a letter that The Lord of the Shadows has been released and is trying to destroy him once again. Crusher said that it will be way too easy for them to stop since LotS is very weak, however The King mention that someone was assassinating many of the King's followers and warriors. He asked You and the masters to find LotS and the assassin and defeat them. Piercer asked who that person was. The King described him that he was almost like him, but more dark like. Piercer realize that person was actually his long lost brother, Drak, saying that he was taken by The LotS and believed that he might have trained him to be a member of his army. Once Piercer finish his story, The King teleports them to Drak's location, Dracshadowic Castle.

VS Retsnom Dnalsi

They teleported at the front gate, where Retsnom and his army guards the front gate. They of course battle Retsnom's minions then Retsnom himself.

Retsnom will either fly around on his mirror platform attacking with range or chase down the player with insane melee attacks. At 666,000 HP, He'll make two mirror clones of himself to fool the player(s). These clones have 10,000 HP.If a player defeats a fake mirror, it'll charge at that player non stop until it can explode into mirror shards, instantly killing the player. At 333,000 HP, He'll make two more mirror clones, making it harder to find him. Watch their attacks, there's a difference with it.

Retsnom's Attacks

-Normal Range- He throws three mirror shards at you while the clones throws one.

-Normal Melee- He'll swing his mirror as he's doing a combo with a heavy axe while the clones only swings once.

-Mirror Throw He'll throw his mirror at you, and it moves fast however when the clones throws the mirror, it moves slow. This skill is used on both land and flight.

-Mirror Maniac- Retsnom will cause his mirror to explode as shards spreads all over the arena, touch one shard and you'll be taking serious damage. The clones can't do this and only happens on land.

-Mirror Beam- Retsnom rises up his mirror to the sunlight and shoot out a solor beam for ten seconds. The beam moves slightly faster than the clones'.

(Not required) If you defeat or help defeat Retsnom without triggering a clone, you get a badge

Opening The Shadow Gate

After Retsnom had been defeated, he calls out his army before he disappeared in shadows. As the gate opens, it revealed a lot of the elite shadow army, it then closes again, and the team must open the gate by breaking the lock and finding the five switches outside the castle while dealing with infinite amount of minions. The gate lock have 350,000 HP and every switches is guarded by a Lock Guard and cast infinite amount of mana blasts at the players while going through an obby.

Battle Against The Shadowian Tank and Siege Shadow Minions

After the army's been defeated and the gate has been unlocked, The gate finally let the team in. The team then confronts another army of shadow minions with cannons, then You notice someone coming with a big vehicle and said, "Look at that bigger car coming at us!", as the Shadowian Tank randomly speak and said, "I am not a car." The team now must defeat the army and the Shadowian Tank to open the door.

VS Illclipes Malit

After that the door opened as Illclipes appeared ready to fight the team, but before they fought, an army of minions were at the balcony, watching Illclipes to entertain them.

Illclipes chases down the nearest player. Illclipes's strength, speed, and defense is based on the amount of audiences killed OR how many there are. It's recommended that you don't kill the audiences otherwise he'll gain a huge buff for a while. The only way to prevent Illclipes from getting stronger is by scaring off the audiences by using attack the wall below them, but it requires to do a X skill. At 600,000 HP, he'll go into his Esclipes form as he thrice as deadly, more audiences will come, gain his 6th skill, and he also restore to full health.

Illclipes's Attacks

-Normal attack- Simply swings his sword, doing high damage. 

-Lunge- Illclipes charges for one second as he lunged himself at the player going in one direction, at Esclipes form it's faster and he does this three times.

-Double Sworderang- Illclipes stops and throws his sword and moves like it's like a boomerang, once it comes back to him he throws it again and once he catches it, he lunges at the nearest player to finish it. At Esclipes mode, two shadow swords will appear going at a different distance, and when he lunges, it's faster and the two shadow swords flys straight with Illclipes's direction.

-Shadow Sword Shield- Illclipes creates a wave of dark daggers orbiting him, making him take 50% less damage and will stop attacking and walks to the nearest player. Touching it will surely be instant death. At Esclipes mode the shield will truely protect him taking no damage on him.

-Audience Attack- Illclipes calls some of his audiences to attack as they jump off and enter the arena.

-The Cursed Esclipes- Illclipes cause a Esclipes as it turn dark while giant lasers drop from above for ten secends. Then it goes back to day.

(Not required) If YOU defeat or help defeat Illclipes without killing/scaring more than 80 audiences, you get a badge.

Battle Against Elite Shadow Minions

After Illclipes was defeated, he explains that they have to be careful with Drak, or else they'll fall into his destruction. He soon dies as the minions leaves in despair. The team move on and make their way to a hall, however stopped by more elite shadow minions and some of the ones watching the Illclipes battle.

The Dracshadowic's Maze

They then enter a room with different doors on each sides, meaning they'll be going into a giant maze in the castle. The maze will have a thing where at least half of the players must finish the maze while going through traps and minions. (For example, if there's 7 players in the maze, you need at least 4 players to make it, if alone you just need to make it out yourself.)

VS Shalia Vein Gardian

Once they made out of the maze, they confront Shalia Vein Gardian, The creator and co-owner of the castle, at the foyer and she wanted to go by in peace, they think that she was tricking them so they fight her in a four room arena.

The battle starts at the foyer with Shalia flying around the room using attacks while dodging most of the player's skills. The four rooms have a orb showing either blue, red, green, or yellow. If you attack the orb enough times (50,000 HP), it'll rotate the rooms around. Shalia can also attack the orb itself. Before she switch the rooms herself, she'll enter a different room, meaning you must get to her in order to defeat her, and trust me, she'll do this a lot since she's not really good at fighting. At 625,000 HP, she'll enter Venomous form and gain back all of her HP and do more attacks than last time. She'll also flees less likely now, as she is really getting serious. Then at 800,000 HP, Shalia will turn into her X-Venom form as she will flee back to the foyer as the other rooms starts to explode (If the player couldn't make it to the foyer before the room explodes, they lose all their lives) The player(s) must make it back to the foyer before the room explodes and finish her there. She'll get more attacks, use a better fighting strategy and also restore to 3/4 of her  health. At 400,000 HP she'll break down the door to the locked room, which is the fifth room, Drak's balcony, where Shalia will enter her final form, X-Venom, she'll gain a even better fighting technique and also have access to even more attacks.

Shalia's Arena, The Five Rooms

Each room have a special kind of thing in there.

-The Foyer- This is where you start the battle with Shalia. This room contains four doors giving you a room to enter. One of the doors however is locked. There's a chandelier on the middle of the ceiling, holding a orb to switch rooms. There's also a balcony above the door the team entered before the fight. The foyer have stairs to the second floor with two doors on the side, while the first floor also have two doors on the side. When Shalia's at the Foyer, she'll use either the balcony or the second floor as an advantage against the team. When using the second floor, she's dodge melee users by jumping to the other side of the room  You can knocked her off the balcony using baller's mega ball on the balcony itself, or if on the second floor, use Piercer's arror rain on and either slicer's or crusher's breaker once she lands to the other side for critical damage on her.

-The Pool- How to relax peacefully with nothing but an indoor pool, well not at this time. Shalia have poisoned the pool that's half the size as the spirit arena to defeat the team. the room also have three doors and an orb above the pool. She may have poison the pool, however Shalia cannot poison the water fountain due to it being created by a strange magic. The Pool is the most important room because it's the only room that's can remove the poisoning from the player. In this room, Shalia will mostly float over the pool using her attacks, not only that but she will dodge every range attacks, but the room is surrounded with electric fences that you can lead Shalia on. Once she hits the fence, she'll take 25,000 damage and will deactivate the fence for quite a while. However Shalia will be on the ground, giving younthe chance for you to attack her, however that doesn't mean she can't fight back. Shalia plays aggressively in this room and could also heal herself using the pool's poisonous water, so don't let her get you overwhelmed otherwise you're done for. And make sure you do a lot of damage because after a while she'll either start flying back to the pool or flee to another room.

-Conversation Room- There's actual shadow minions having a conversation in this room, like seven of them. Once again this room also have three doors and an orb above the table. The room contains a long rectangular table with the seven suited worker like shadow minions talking to each other, they won't even bother to attack, UNLESS you attack them. If you dare attack even one of them, the seven minions will come after you (AND ONLY YOU) nonstop until you're dead. The only way to stop them isn't I leave the room for five secends then come back as they will go back talking to each other. You can also see them what they're talking about. When Shalia's in this room, when she call her guards, more of them will appear. Shalia can also ask one of the conversation minions to give her more power. You can prevent her from doing this, but it'll make the minions attack you, so prepare yourself whenever she does this.

-The Laboratory- This also have three doors however there are multiple orbs on the ceiling, and they can switch which one is the real orb. The lab is where Shalia and her minions works on potions. In the fight, Shalia will use potions on her or against the player(s). There's damaging, poison, burning, frostbite, lifesteal, knockback, explosive (just a bigger range), and death (instant death). These are the potions that she will use against the player(s). The one she'll use on herself is: Poison (To heal), Frostbite (I think she added sugar in her frostbite potion), and Damaging (To damage buff). The potions are like Drak's Six Shot attack, but they explode and they're easy to dodge that is if you didn't use up your energy. However there is a potion that you can use against her, the healing potion. It's has a golden liquid and you can take it and either throw it at Shalia for 25,000 damage or heal yourself or your teammates to full health. These potions are very hard to find, so good luck finding those.

-Drak's Balcony- The final room of this fight, only can be unlocked at the 4th phase once Shalia breaks down the locked room. It's a balcony like arena with a dark skull symbol with a purple circle around it as a symbol. In this room or rather balcony, Shalia can dodge or block every move you try to hit on her when she's flying doing like you were a level 0. When she does a dive attack, you must lead her to one of the six pillars to get her down to fight, once all six are destroyed, she'll come down to fight you either melee or range permanently. She could still parry, block, or dodge still, but not much to take 50% of damage. This is the final phase, so do your best against her.

Shalia's Attacks

-Effect:Poison- Does 5 damage per secend. It can be removed by the water fountain in the pool room.

Attacks she can use in all rooms

-Venom Spit- Shalia stops and spits out a giant ball of poison at the nearest player. At Venomous Form, she spits out two of them, and they're faster. At X-Venom mode, she'll spit out three and they're very fast.

-Triplet Venom- Shalia shoots out three fast, poisonous medium size orbs at the nearest player and it explodes on impact. At Venomous Mode, she does it  at two of the nearest players, if alone, then she shoot six orbs. A Twist X-Venom Mode, she does it at three of the nearest players, if alone, then she'll shoot nine orbs at the player, if there's two players, then she'll shoot four orbs at the two players and one giant slow homing orb at the nearest player.

-Gatling Venom- Shalia shoots a bullet hell of small, low damaging, poison orbs

at the nearest player.

-Shadow Guards Summon- Summons five shadow guards (15,000 HP) to the room. The fist forms will summon five of them while the final form summons 7 elite.

-Orb Room Switch- Shalia William motley use this when things isn't going well in that room for her. She will attack the orb and quickly fly to a random room before the rooms switch. It'll create an explosion on the orb. She'll stop using this move at the 4th phase.

-Martial Arts- Shalia can do combos during melee, doing punches and kicks. In Venomous Mode or X-Venom, if a player hits one of her Venom limbs, they'll get poisoned.

-Poison Whirlwind- Shalia spins around creating a green tornado around her, chasing the nearest player. in Venomous or X-Venom Mode, she moves faster.

-Blast N Charge- Shalia jumps back and fires a medium sized,fast poison orb at the nearest player,then dashes to the player until she reaches them to smash the ground, causing a shockwave. At Venomous Mode she does this twice and in X-Venom,she does this thrice.

-Poison Geyser- Shalia rise up her right hand, releasing a poison geyser below the players, better predict the attack cause it'll appear at where you might stand once it blows. Getting hit will be an instant kill.

Attacks that Shalia can use at the Foyer

-Balcony/Railing Ambush- Shalia will jump to either the balcony or the railing onboard the second floor and start using Gatling Venom for a while.

-Poison Turret- Shalia jumps to the balcony to create a green turret (75,000 HP) that shoots poison bullets at the nearest player.

Attacks that Shalia can use at the Pool

-Poison Water- Shalia will pick up orbs of poison water from the pool at throw it at the nearest player and explodes on impact, timing will be great on this attack.

-Poisonous Heal- Shalia will pick up the poison water and engulf herself in it, healing her, you can stop this by attacking it (100,000 HP, however requires range, destroying it will do 50,000 damage on her), she'll use this for ten secends.

Attacks she can use at the Conversation room

-Shadow Guards Elite Summon- Shalia summons five Shadow Elite Guards (20,000 HP) to the room to help her.

-Shadow's Helping Hand- Shalia asked the conversation shadow minions to give her more power, this will give her 10,000 HP, Double damage,defense and speed for 30 secends. At Venomous mode, it's bascally twice the power she'll gain for one minute. You can prevent this from happening by attacking the minions, but do it at your own risk.

Attacks she can use at the Lab

-Potion Attack- Shalia throws a random explosive potion at every player, one by one. There's damaging, poison, burning, frostbite, lifesteal, knockback, explosive (just a bigger range), and death (instant death).

-Potion Buff- Shalia drinks one of these potions: Poison (To heal), Frostbite (for Speed, I think she added sugar in her frostbite potion), and Damaging (To damage buff).

Attacks she can use at the Foyer at her X-Venom form

-X-Stomp- Shalia jumps to the balcony and jumps to the middle of the Foyer landing as she creates a shockwave that effects the entire first floor, use the second floor to stay safe or else you're dead.

-Poison Eye-V- Shalia flys to the balcony summons a poisonous green eye to either aid her by shoot lasers at the nearest player or tackling the players, touching it and it's attacks can be very poisonous. 

-Poisonous Breath- Shalia goes to the second floor and slowly charges up as she breathes out poisonous fire to the first floor to the stairs. The fire will stay there for ten seconds, so be prepared when he's ready to do this attack.

Attacks Shalia can use in Drak's Balcony in X-Venom mode.

-Poison Rain- Shalia flys outside of the balcony and roars out as a stormy green rain cloud rains poison water on half of the arena. Don't touch that side for ten seconds.

-Poisonous X-Quake- Shalia flys outside of the map and charges at the nearest player, trying to punch them. As she hits the floor, it'll cause an explosion while making three shockwaves.

-Reflected Poison- Shalia blocks creating a poison shield, taking 50% of damage. However if you attack the shield with a range attack, it'll reflects it back, damagingly and poisoning the you.

-Venom Bite- If Shalia is flying, she'll use this attack. She will dive to a random player and try to bite them with poison. The target will have a glowing green dot above the. The target must make her charge into one of the six pillars. Doing so will make her take 10,000 damage and will be fighting mostly on the ground for a while. Once all six pillar are destroyed, she'll no longer fly again (As in flying around while partying, blocking and dodging every attack).

The Final Pathway

After Shalia is defeated, she tries to convince them that she was the one who delivered the message to the King about Drak and LotS attacking Draco Grasslands. She points to where the throne is before she fled the castle. The Throne room is guarded with a giant obby.

VS Lord of the Shadows and His 100 Master Shadow Minions

The team was able to pass it and enter the room, confronting Drak at his throne, with a giant arena in front of them. They challenge Drak, however The Lord of the Shadows came out of the shadows with an army of 100 elite shadow minions with weapons alike to the four masters (basically dodge balls, bows, swords, and hammer) behind him and want to fight them for their revenge, the team thinks that this will be easy for them, but that was their most brutal mistake during the fight. They fight the 100 Master-rip-off Shadow minions, then LotS himself.

He's does the same thing as he did in chapter 1, chases you down until he's near to swing his low damaging sword. He also have 1,000 HP, BUT you do 1 damage every attack you do, there's no way you can do damage higher than 1, UNTIL he reaches 250 HP, that's because he'll engulf the arena in shadows, appearing in with his two red glowing eyes, disappearing showing his giant Giga Form. He has 1,800,000 HP and every attack he does is an instant kill. Also during this phase, An infinite amount of shadow minions will attack.

(Not required) If you defeat or help defeat LotS, you get a badge.

VS The Unknown Overlord

When they defeat LotS once and for all, Drak summoned a dark portal and flees to the rooftop as a shadowily,heavily purple armored and bald human who hides its shame with a dark fierceing helmet, welding a dark purple blade. Ready to fight as he's after some kind of blade.

TUO fights quite smart as he is able to dodge and parry. He has a helltons of attacks, but they're are mostly easy to dodge. He may have 150,000 HP, but his armor makes you do as you are a level 1. There's a trick to do damage as a level 30, but this information won't tell you. At 75,000 HP his helmet breaks and showing his (not) deadly face as he's engulfed in purple flames being 1.5x faster and do 3x the attack.

TUO's Attacks

-Normal Attack- Swings his sword for high damage.

-Power Swing- His sword goes in purple flame as he swings in one secend, doing high knockback and insane damage.

-Slash wave- Jumps back and swings his sword to release a beam at the nearest player. Does it thrice at rage.

-Spin- Stops and Spins in one direction. Does it thrice at rage

-Summon- Summons two witches that fires purple mana orbs, summons four in rage.

-Rock Rain- he stops as he rise his sword in the air as he shields himself for ten secends while giant rocks (5x the size of robloxian) falls from above. Rocks rain faster in rage.

-Enflames- He stops and jumps in the air and smash his sword on the ground while a giant flame rises around him. He move slowly and when flame rises, five small slash waves moves at where's he's facing during rage.

-Lightning- He stops and summon a bolt of lightning in front of him. Summons three in rage.

-Gem Rain- He stops and jump while making a few front flips in the air as he drops to the ground with a load of gems that are twice the size of him rain above him. More gems rain in rage.

-Venom Spit- He stops and slowly charges for four secends as he spits out a giant purple poisonous orb slowly moving at where he faces. Spits out three and they move faster as he spit more of them during rage.

-Meteor- Stops as he rises his sword to summon a giant meteor (7x the size of a robloxian) to the air and drops forward down. Summons five meteors going in different directions in rage.

-Blade Dance- Gains a shield as he spins around slight faster than his normal walk speed for ten seconds. Moves faster in rage.

(Not required) Simply defeat Or help defeat TUO without dying for a badge.

===The Shadow Army's Last Battle=== 

After The Unknown Overlord has been defeated, The team was attacked by the ENTIRE Shadow Army, coming out of the portal TUO came out of, and they're 300 of them in total.(Normal,Armored,Giant,Sword,Cannon,Siege,Speed,Audience,Dodgeball,Bow, and Hammer and they spawn rapidly,50 can spawn maximum) The must either take out the Portsl Generator (2,000,000 HP) or defeat the 300 Shadow minions. Once the army is finish, all is left is Drak and he knows that they're strong enough to beat him.

VS Drak Bowen Airrow

They enter the rooftop, which twice the size as the spirit arena. Draco Grasslands was in ruins, the King's castle however still stands, and it Drak's next target. He was doing his plans for the entire time while the team was trying to reach him. He prepares himself as  he pull out his weapons and fight the team, ready to finish this once and for all. But before that happen, Someone enters to watch the fight, almost looking like Drak and haves a purple mana like bow behind his back wanting some entertainment. And Drak decides to break the 4th wall and snap his finger to turn it back to day, then fight. 

Drak goes in a Piercer advance AI while shooting rapidly. At 1,000,000 HP, he decides to change tactics and either do the same thing or chase down the nearest player and able to have access to his skills and his health resets to full HP. At 650000 HP, he enters his Shadow form giving him more skills, doing mixture of both his tactics, doing more damage, and have no cool downs with his skills , as well as resetting his health to half HP.

Drak's Attacks

-Normal Attack- Drak shoots an arrow, doing lower damage than Piercer, but have a more faster firing rate and accuracy.

-Melee Attack- When using range attacks and a player gets near Drak, he'll slap them with one of his crossbow, either killing them or knocking them far. 

Then Here's his 2nd phase attacks 

-Arrow Spin: Drak spins his crossbows as he charges up a bullet hell of arrows while spinning, still doing low damage. In Shadow form the attack a twice as deadly.

-Six Shot: Drak charges up as he aims one of his crossbows at the nearest player, showing a line aiming for their head, they show different color, meaning they do a different effect. Red does high damage, Orange does burning effects, Cyan slows down the player, still doing low damage frostbites, Purple does poison, Black is an explosive arrow, and White does knock back. In Shadow form he fires at a random time, making it harder to dodge. Very impossible to dodge unless you know his timing.

Then finally his shadow form attacks

-Airrowstrike-  Drak roars as a line of giant arrows drops to the nearest player doing an instant kill explosion. Impossible to dodge unless you're not that target. (BETTER WISH THAT HE DOESN'T SPAM THIS ON YOU)

-Airronado- Drak flys up and charges up and soon spins around as a storm of arrows circles around him as he slowly chases the nearest player. Soon he releases that storm of arrows around the map. Best you stay away from this before he activates it.

-Piercing Darktrustion- Drak roars as he says "End of days.." the world turns so dark that you can't see him, as he does mix Six Shots and Airronado together as he shoots normal arrows on others that aren't being targeted. Bascally this attack is a death wish to those who tries to solo him. (Which he isn't suppose to be, also better wish that he doesn't spam this too.)

The End Of Chapter

After his defeat, he says his last final words before vanishing in darkness, never have been  seen again. Draconian Grasslands then was shined in light as it turns back to normal. Piercer was very upset as he had truly lost his brother, however he had to do what he needs to do in order to protect the world from destruction.  

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