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    Ultraz Chapter Plot

    December 31, 2016 by Falltz

    We find Ultraz walking around when he finds "you" and start to question him "HEY! YOU OVER THERE" yells out Ultraz to "you" "what, who are you" says "you" "my name is Ultraz, I've been trying to find you for around a week now, I was thinking someone by the name of Kadee would of killed you. but it looks like you're a ok amigo!" "you" then looks at him as if Ultraz is a complete weirdo "Whelp, I need to at least find out if that is the real 'you' and not some phony" you then fight Ultraz He has three skills that he uses

    (Skill #1) he jumps into the air Once he lands he says "Watch out!" he then starts shooting around himself. Only managing to do one spin before needing to reload his pistols. Making bullets going into every single direction o…

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    December 6, 2016 by Falltz

    You can find the chapter plot here.

    Ultraz wears a blue suit with a white undershirt and a blue tie. His suit has large dark blue clover on it, He has black hair, wears a headset which seems to not be connected to anything and what seems like one piece sunglasses to hide his eyes. He normally thinks to much of himself which normally ends out to the enemies favor. Sometimes he breaks the fourth wall without knowing that he has broken the forth wall this means that he knows that someone is controlling "you", as he thinks this is just some game and not a serious fight. He also really likes to say Dorarara... No one knows why.

    Ultraz is a decently ranged character so he normally won't try to get close, kind of like piercer and baller. He's prett…

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