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    The Hedonizer

    December 2, 2016 by MeesturTheoFroggy

    - Hedonizer=

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    }} |title = Unknown |firstapp = |allegiance = Paraphilia Ensembla |theme = Hoshina Anniversary - See-Through |health = 1000000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 5 |xp = 10000 |pp = 500 |boss=no }}

    The Hedonizer is a man of unknown age and origin with pale white skin. His eyes are concealed behind a pair of black aviators and his teeth are prominently clenched in a nigh-expressionless visage. Atop his head lies a black stetson with fluorescent pink banding. He dons a sleeveless hot pink shirt and black trousers. The Hedonizer's weapon of choice is an oversized black leather S&M paddle with pink outlining and the shape of a heart carved into the business end.

    The Hedonizer is accompanied by two ghostly entiā€¦

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