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    November 29, 2016 by Quujo1

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    }} |title = Son Of Chaos |firstapp = |allegiance = Chaos |theme = Zero Project - Gothic |health = 1500000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 9 |xp = ? |pp = ? }}

    Chaotic Energy is how Kaz attacks/moves, so kind of like how the masters use their weapons, but it doesn't make the weapon forever.

    He can summon a dagger depending on his chaotic energy. But he can punch you without chaotic energy

    Kaz once used to belong to the Korbloxian Kingdom till one day a Darkin member told him what the Korbloxians wanted to do to the world, so he helped them imprison the Korbloxian King, and hoped that was the end of it, and then from there he joined the Darkin and fought many many wars at the Darkin's side, during this time he lear…

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