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    Crossbower Chapter Plot

    January 2, 2017 by RifoMan

    • "You" and the masters quickly rush into the castle.*

    You : "King!"

    • Some guards are injured on the ground while king was missing from his throne.*

    Slicer : "What happened here?!"

    Baller : "Well, whatever happened here, it sure wasn't peaceful."

    Crusher : "Guys! Help me get the guards up!"

    Guard : " T... The..."

    Baller : "Get over here! The guard's trying to say something!"

    Guard : "The spirits... They attacked us..."

    Peircer : "Spirits... but why?"

    Guard : "They attacked hard... We couldn't stand againts it."

    You : "Oh no... What happened to King?"

    Guard : "They... captured him."

    Slicer : "This is bad... is there any way to beat them?"

    Piercer : "Wait... could we use Arzen?"

    Baller : "Well, we could... But, how are we able to get Arzen?"

    Guard : "I've hear…

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  • RifoMan


    November 30, 2016 by RifoMan

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Hunter's Deed=

    }} |title = The Crossbow Master |firstapp = |allegiance = Independent |theme = 1st Phase :猫叉Master 「Scars of FAUNA」 2nd Phase :【音ゲーアレンジ】FLOWER -SPRING- |health = 3000000 |skills = 8 |immunities =

    |difficulty = 8 |xp = 40000 |pp = 600 }}

    Crossbower is a white cat wearing a dusty rose shirt, a greek canvas hat and a red scarf. He uses a crossbow as his weapon. The bolt is coloured red. He doesn't act serious most of the time. He always points out the things he's never seen before.

    After Crossbower was abadoned by his owners, he went out to find some new owners. He ended up being adopted by a family of hunters, the hunters trained him in different hunting skills, after a few years, they sent him to hunter schoo…

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