Troubling Beginnings

  • "You" and the masters quickly rush into the castle.*

You : "King!"

  • Some guards are injured on the ground while king was missing from his throne.*

Slicer : "What happened here?!"

Baller : "Well, whatever happened here, it sure wasn't peaceful."

Crusher : "Guys! Help me get the guards up!"

Guard : " T... The..."

Baller : "Get over here! The guard's trying to say something!"

Guard : "The spirits... They attacked us..."

Peircer : "Spirits... but why?"

Guard : "They attacked hard... We couldn't stand againts it."

You : "Oh no... What happened to King?"

Guard : "They... captured him."

Slicer : "This is bad... is there any way to beat them?"

Piercer : "Wait... could we use Arzen?"

Baller : "Well, we could... But, how are we able to get Arzen?"

Guard : "I've heard of a place that wields Arzen, "The Arzen Temple", there is a crystal which weilds pure Arzen."

Slicer : "Where do you suppose that is?"

Guard : "West from here, it's in a temple located deep in the jungle. But people says a tribe are guarding the temple."

You : "Sounds hard."

Guard : "There's a famous hunter in the nearby town, he knows jungles very well, if you can recruit him, you might have a good chance at getting the crystal."

Piercer : "Well thanks, let's get going."

You : "Okay."

Town Of The West

You : "What a town of the mess."

Crusher : "Whew, dude, didn't expect you to be this harsh."

You : "I'm not used to cowboy standards."

Baller : "Anywho, we arrived at the house of this "Famous Hunter"!"

  • Baller knocks on the door.*

??? : "Oh, someone's outside."

  • A white cat wearing a scarf and a canvas cap opens the door.*

Baller : "Hello there, are you the "Famour Hunter" that's around this town?"

Crossbower : "Yeah, people call me Crossbower, want somekind of signing?"

Baller : "We need your help."

Crossbower : "Help with what?"

Baller : "We're trying to find Arzen inside a temple which is deep in the jungle, we heard there was a tribe defending the temple, so can you please join us?"

Crossbower : "Sure, why not?"

You : "Well, let's go I guess?"

Crusher : "Yeah."

Jungle Japes

  • You, the masters and Crossbower are on a boat to navigate through the river.*

You : "This forest is really dense!"

Piercer : "You know, this forest has a lot of places that are perfect for assasination."

Crossbower : "We shouldn't let our guard down."

Baller : "Well, I'm gonna check the front of out boat."

  • Baller walk to the front side of the boat and sees a wooden barricade set up in the river.*

Baller : "Guys... There's a wodden barricade ahead!"

Slicer : "Everyone! Jump off the boat, NOW!"

  • The screen goes white.*


Baller : "Hey! Wake up!"

You : "Urgh... what happened?"

Crossbower : "The boat crashed, we have to continue on the jungle path."

Piercer : "Agreed."

  • "You" and the rest walk down the jungle path.*

??? : "..."

Slicer : "Hm? I see someone on the tree."

??? : "Intruders!"

  • ??? jumps down from the trees.*

Tribe Scout : "Get ready to be killed, tresspassers!."

^ Fight with 6 Tribe Scouts. ^

Piercer : "One of the scouts ran away! We should run after him!"


You : "The gate's blocking the way!"


Crusher : "We need to take down the gate to pass through."

^ Take down a 20000 HP gate. ^

Slicer : "Let's keep moving on."

^ Walk down the path. ^

Crusher : "There's some of those tribe dudes up ahead!"

^ Fight a few tribemen. ^

Tribe Elite : "You trespassers shall fall!"

You : "No thanks, I'll pass."

Tribe Elite : "ARGH! Just DIE already!"

^ FIght with Tribe Elite. ^

Tribe Elite : "Urgh... damn you... intruders."

Crossbower : "Let's procced to that hole."

You : "Ok."


Tribe Elite : "..."

Waterfall Forts

You : "Woah."

Crossbower : "We have to move on."


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