• Simonyoshi64


    November 29, 2016 by Simonyoshi64

    -A setence that Myster may say.

    (Sorry if my english is bad, i actauly come from France, so...) - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |title = The Mysteliate(s) Master |firstapp = |allegiance = |theme = Paper Mario Color Splash - Iggy Battle |health = 600,000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 6 |xp = ? |pp = ? }}

    Myster is the Mysteliate master, basicly he use mysteliates but in his own way.Myster have a yellow skin and wear a Deep orange shirt, a Reddish brown pants, also wear a "Honorbreaker" hat and have a "Nervous" face. ; On first thoughts, he could be named Mysteliater but instand he prefer being called Myster for his personal reasons; using mysteliates as his own advantage, infact he is able to jump on them, sit on them, attack with th…

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