• Soccerman512

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, lived a doofus who liked to run fast. It was sonic the hedgehog, but he died in the late 90s. We don't have the body, we promise! Instead, we took this guy who threw balls. He was living near our studio of stupid storytelling. Last night we ate a sock because we were bankrupt. Maybe this guy could make us loads of money so we can afford our po-rent, rent. Not that. Say, Baller, would you like you to introduce yourself? "Yes!" Baller said. "I'm Baller, I live near the studio!". We know that, Baller. "Okay, okay. I use my plastic rubber red ball as a weapon!", said Baller. Sounds pretty wimpy to me- OW! That hurt. "Haha you're a loser, doubting the MAGIKAL power of my plastic rubber red ball". Rui…

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