It all began on July 3rd, 2016. I had came to the wiki after I heard BFS somehow - I forget now. Immediately after I played, I saw the wiki link in the description, and believe me, I love editing wikis. The same day I joined, I asked Fyzu for administration rights (which is kinda dumb to ask for admin rights the same day you join). Fyzu granted me admin rights for one week and she said I might be able to keep them depending on how I do. Time passed, I have installed some scripts from the dev wiki. Time kept passing, I was getting worried because my administration rights time was coming close to an end. I had requested wikia to add the 'Project' namespace which is now used by all important wikia pages, such as the homepage. I asked Fyzu a day early if I would keep my administration powers. I was so nervous, then she said YES! I was so excited. This is the first community with active (kinda) people that I got admin powers on. I kept improving the wiki. One day not too long ago, fyzu used the theme designer to make URL links yellow and the main theme black. This is my story from my perspective shortened down.

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