The Past

Within the lands of Draco laid Xuetul, a small kingdom with several villages laid around it's outskirts both living off agriculture in the form of grown crops. Unfortunately, the land around Xuetul only had so many reasources to go around with most of it going to the villages. As a result, Xuetul's first ruler, Kezus had to do something. Kezus began to start taking large percentages of crops from the villages to be sent to Zelia, the capital of Xuetul, who stated, "Simply put, you give us crops, we protect you. It's that simple.". While most of the villages felt uneasy about this new policy, they didn't have a choice as unlike Xuetul itself, the villages did not have strong weapons that would be able to fend off monsters and invaders. Soon, the people grew tired of the oppression imposed upon them and longed for change.

A revolutionary by the name of Arthos initiated a revolution by forming the Uncreations and seizing the throne. For a few months, all seemed well. Arthos was able to supply his people with more protection and allowed the villages to keep more of their food and supplies. However, things did not change much. Arthos soon began tightening his policies under the argument that the people had become too needy-- and soon his rule grew to be just as despotic as Kezus’s. Now, talk of revolution was in the air, and it would only be a matter of time before someone would lead the charge against corruption once again.

The Present

Weeks have passed and Arthos believed it was finally time to expand Xuetul. "For far too long have I been holding off my plans to bring these lands of Draco under my salvation that is the kingdom of Xuetul. Now is the time to start! Anyone that opposes us are heathens towards our utopia! Together, we shall bring these lands under our protection!" shouted Arthos towards his army cheering for him. He commanded Vertas Acantar, leader of the Uncreation Scout Division to head west, towards the Seventh Sanctum. He believed that the Seventh Sanctum would be the first of many foes who would try to stop his plans for a new Draco, hence why he demanded for them to be snuffed out first.

His next issue lied within Xuetul itself. Arthos was well aware that revolutionaries were afoot from their constant protesting and that raid on the weapons arsenal the day before. It was clear that revolutionaries will try to seize the throne soon and this was something Arthos had to take action against. "All they want is to distort, warp and corrupt this kingdom by their own whims! This kind of treachery towards Xuetul will not be taken lightly!" Arthos angrily thought to himself. He then commanded his Uncreation Raid Leader, S.T.O.P as well as the Uncreation Raid Division, towards the base they had keeping most of the heathens. "Once the Seventh Sanctum and the revolutionaries fall, my path towards the ultimate sanctuary can continue. Everyone will finally know true equality and true peace under my rule." Arthos said to himself.


Anechoia Forest

The players are transported in the dead of night to the entrance of Anechoia Forest, a maze-like and dense forest known for it's trees absorbing nearly all sound within the trunks and leaves. They will find Slinger standing at the entrance staring into the forest who after an exchange between him and the players, joins them as an AI controlled character who will help them fight enemies. Players must navigate a randomly generated medium sized maze of trees whilst fighting off advancing Uncreation Scouts that will try to ambush them either by jumping off trees or running behind them. Players that have been in the maze for about 2 minutes will begin to experience hallucinations in the form of Uncreation Scouts that will run towards players but disappear when they're close enough. All sounds gradually become absent while a player is navigating the forest ranging from the sounds of their skills to even the background music which will be replaced with only heartbeats. Slinger's behavior will consist of staying close to the nearest player whilst fighting off enemies. The end of the maze is indicated by a large clearing players must find. Slinger will assist players with the following attacks:

Name Description
Normal Attack Slinger quickly fires 5 small pebbles at nearby enemies for low damage.
Stagger Storm Slinger jumps into the air firing 3 small yellow spheres in a spread aim at nearby enemies exploding upon making contact with the ground or an enemy. The explosions deal medium damage and stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.
Windfury Sphere Slinger fires 1 tiny white sphere at a small distance in front of him. Upon hitting an enemy, the sphere will deal high damage and greatly knockback the enemy.
Sludge Ammo Slinger temporarily changes his normal attack to replace the 5 pebbles with 3 slimy spheres for 20 seconds. While sacrificing projectile speed and firing rate, each slimy sphere will deal slightly higher damage than the pebbles whilst slowing the enemy for 1 second.

VS Vertas Acantar

The players will arrive at a clearing near the end of the forest with trees bordering it. Vertas will jump down from a tree seemingly ready to fight the players. Slinger then takes a step forward commanding the players to fight her as well but runs away back into the forest when Uncreation Scouts jump down from the bordering trees. Vertas starts the fight with the same speed as Baller alongside Uncreation Scouts who have slightly higher speed than Slicer but lower speed than Piercer. Vertas' fighting style consists of chasing down the closest player to her while jumping over and dodging enemy attacks. Slinger will be unavailable for this boss fight. Vertas fights with the following attacks:

Name Description
Counter Vertas guards herself blocking 100% of the next instance of damage she takes. Depending on what she was attacked by, she will counterattack accordingly. If she blocks a melee attack (such as Slicer or Crusher), she will dash to the attacker and slice at them with both of her blades dealing high damage. If she blocks a ranged attack (such as Piercer or Baller), Vertas throws a extremely quick volley of kunais towards the attacker dealing high damage. If she blocks a mysteliate attack, she will throw 3 waves of kunais forwards dealing moderate damage to players caught.
Ambush Vertas along with some Uncreation Scouts jump into the bordering trees making themselves hidden. After 1.5 seconds, Vertas and the Uncreation Scouts pounce onto random players from the trees attacking them for high damage. Can be dodged if the players sees where Vertas and the Scouts are coming from.
Chained Slices Vertas dashes to the nearest player slashing at them for medium damage. Vertas then repeats this 4 times, while this move's damage increases and each interval between dashes decreasing for each subsequent dash.
Reinforcements Vertas jumps onto a nearby tree calling for reinforcements. She then jumps back down to fight. The number of Uncreation Scouts that spawn depends on how low Vertas' health is (lower health = more minions).

Felfang Road Part 1: Go To The Base

The players leave Anechoia Forest directly into the city of Xuetul. Slinger takes the players to Felfang Road, a straight, somewhat wide and medium long road with houses bordering the left and right sides of the road, for the purpose of getting them to the revolutionaries' base. Slinger runs ahead of the players telling them to "catch up". Players must travel through Felfang Road and battle many Uncreation Raiders scattered across the road on their way to the base. Slinger will be unavailable for this part of Felfang Road.

Felfang Road Part 2: Defend The Base!

Once players arrive at the entrance to the base, they will find Slinger there as well. After an exchange between Slinger and a revolutionary inside the base, Slinger and the players are forced to defend the base from a large wave of Uncreation Raiders. The gate to the base will have 200 HP and if it reaches 0, the server fails the chapter and must restart it (notes: probably too harsh so this may be subject to change). Slinger will be available for this part of Felfang Road. His behavior will mostly consist of attacking the nearest enemy, but he will run towards the base to attack enemies as well if they get too close to the gate.


Once the players defeat the initial large wave of Uncreation Raiders, S.T.O.P will spawn at the start of Felfang Road and will begin heading towards the base. Players must fight S.T.O.P alongside other continuously spawning Uncreation Soldiers while defending the base. S.T.O.P is slightly faster then Crusher and will try to approach the base to attack it while keeping an extremely defensive fighting style. Uncreation Raiders will spawn at a medium rate and will not stop spawning until S.T.O.P is defeated. Slinger, startled by S.T.O.P's ominous presence when it appears, will still be available for this boss fight but his attack power is reduced by 30% and the secondary effects of his moves are somewhat weaker. Slinger's behavior will consist of staying near the gate to the revolutionaries' base to assist players that are defending it. S.T.O.P will have the following attacks:

Name Description
Pummel S.T.O.P swings each stop sigh horizontally and then smashes the ground in front of it with both signs creating a large shockwave. The first two strikes deal medium damage to players hit, the third strike instantly kill players hit and the shockwave deals low damage but stuns players hit.
Cease At Once S.T.O.P creates an aura around itself which will absorb 60% of all damage it takes for the next 5 seconds. Absorbed damage is then used to heal S.T.O.P depending on how much it was damaged.
Deflect S.T.O.P begins swinging it's stop signs in front of itself for 7 seconds destroying any projectiles (Baller's balls or Piercer's arrows) it manages to hit. Any player caught between the swings will take high damage. Players can however attack S.T.O.P from behind as it only swinging in front of itself.
Stand Ground S.T.O.P stops moving to create hexagon shaped shields on all of it's sides. S.T.O.P will begin to heal 1.5k HP every 1.5 seconds while all of the shields are still up. Players must destroy these shields to prevent S.T.O.P from healing. For every shield destroyed, the rate of healing is cut in half. The shields themselves have 5k HP. Once all shields are destroyed, S.T.O.P will resuming heading towards the base. S.T.O.P has drastically increased defense while this move is active.

Zelia Hall Exterior Part 1: VS The Guardians of Xuetul

After the events of Felfang Road, Slinger takes the players to Zelia Hall, the central hub of government in Xuetul shown as a medium sized building with three statues near the entrance. One wields a stone gun of sorts, one is in a fighting stance seemingly using only it's fists and one wields a stone rake. Their names respectively are Ty, Gabriel, and David. The players will find Arthos standing at the entrance to Zelia Hall who whispers a few words to himself as he runs inside the building while the doors close behind him. The statues begin to move and assume a battle stance, ready to attack the players. Slinger, due to the pressure from the events of Felfang Road, will be unavailable for this boss fight until one of the statues are defeated, which then he will be available again helping the players out. The Guardians Of Xuetul will have the following attacks:

Ty keeps a medium distance away from players only dodging towards them if he is preparing to use an Overdrive. Ty will also stick close to his nearest ally as to support them with their attacks and heal them if necessary. Ty has speed higher than Crusher but lower than Slicer.

Name Description
Full Auto Ty becomes stationary and starts to fire his weapon shooting tiny but quick stone projectiles at nearby players for 4 seconds. Each projectiles deals medium damage to players hit.
Se défend Ty creates a shield around himself and his allies that blocks 40% of enemy damage for 5 seconds.
Overdrive Channels dark energy for a moment, which is then released in 3 spherical shockwaves dealing high damage to players hit.
Helping Hand Heals himself and his lowest health ally for 50k of their HP. Spammable.

Gabriel is very aggressive and will try to run towards the nearest player to attack them. Gabriel will also try to dodge most attacks while he is running but mostly towards the player he is running to making Gabriel's dodging patterns predictable. Gabriel has higher speed than Slicer but lower speed than Piercer.

Name Description
Triple Jab Cross Punches three times each dealing medium damage, then lets loose an uppercut dealing high damage.
Demoralizing Force Stops and releases a black spherical shockwave. Players hit take medium damage and their skills are put into cooldown.
Flurry Gabriel begins to rapidly punch in front of him each punch dealing low damage for 10 seconds. Gabriel's speed is slightly increased for the duration of this ability.
Obliteration Gabriel dashes to the nearest player attempting to punch and instantly kill them. If Gabriel doesn't manage to hit anyone, a spherical shockwave is released from the hand he used to punch dealing high damage. If the punch or the shockwave manages to kill a player, Gabriel repeats this move again.

David will try to stick close to both of his allies as much as possible to support them. David has the same speed as Slicer.

Name Description
Rake Slash David swings twice with his rake dealing medium damage to players hit and applying a small DoT.
Garden Of Overflowing Mana Creates a Garden of Overflowing Mana underneath David's feet. For every second David and his allies are in the Garden, they are healed for 5k of their HP. The Garden lasts for 15 seconds. David can only have one Garden out at a time.
Garden Of Draining Breezes Creates a Garden of Draining Breezes underneath David's feet. Players that are in the Garden will have their dodge meter begin to decrease as well as their HP. Their attack and their speed are also decreased as long as players are in the Garden. The Garden lasts for 15 seconds. David can only have one Garden out at a time.
Rake Armageddon David strengthens the effects of the current garden he has out first. David's speed and attack is then increased. David will begin to charge at players attempting to attack them. This effect lasts for 12 seconds.

Zelia Hall Exterior Part 2: Push Through Once More

Once the Guardians Of Xuetul are defeated, players must break down a 250,000 door to gain access to the Zelia Hall Interior. While players are assaulting the door, Uncreation Defenders will continuously spawn to try to stop the players who which over time will spawn by an increasing rate before reaching a limit. Slinger will be available for this part and his behavior will mostly consist of attacking the closest enemy but also helping in damaging the gate if no enemies are near him. Once players have destroyed the door, all remaining Uncreation Defenders must be defeated before players can move inside Zelia Hall.

Zelia Hall Interior

Entering Zelia Hall, they will find Arthos sitting on an armchair behind a desk along with several Uncreation Elites guarding him. Arthos will first send his Uncreation Elites to attack the players along with continuously Uncreation Soldiers that will flow in from the entrance of Zelia Hall. All Uncreation Elites must be defeated to stop Uncreation Soliders from spawning and for players to progress. Slinger will be available for this fight.

VS Arthos

After all Uncreation Elites and Uncreation Soldiers are defeated, Arthos after going into a monologue, calls for Uncreation Elites and both him and the troops begin fighting the players. Arthos mainly uses creatures called Shades to fight. He has the same speed as Slicer. Slinger, because of his now strengthened resolve, will be available for this boss fight and his attack power increases by 30% as well as the secondary effects of his moves becoming slightly stronger.

Name Description
Disturbing Thoughts Fires streams of Shades at nearby players for a few seconds. Each Shade deals medium damage and slows players hit.
Consume Dream Fires 3 waves of Shades in all directions. Whenever a Shade hits a player, they take medium damage and heals Arthos for 10k.
Vermin's Caress Arthos' defence greatly increases as he releases two medium sized spherical shockwaves. Players hit take medium damage and their mysteliates equipped are replaced by Shades for 6 seconds. Each Shade decreases the affected player's attack by 15%.
Gravity Collapse Arthos slows down to the same speed as a Crusher and releases 4 grey shockwaves. These shockwaves deal high damage to players hit whilst greatly draining the dodge meter, disabling jumping and dragging them towards Arthos.

Once Arthos is defeated, he leaves behind a few parting words about Xuetul's future and wishes Slinger the best before collapsing. Slinger then takes the throne and thanks the players for helping him bring Xuetul towards a brighter tomorrow. Before the players leave however, Slinger states that even after overcoming his flaws, if he manages to end up like Arthos in the future, he requests that the players strike him down. 

The Story

The chapter first starts with "You" in the throne room upon the King's urgent request. Upon "You" asking what the situation is and where are the masters, the King relays from the king of the Seventh Sanctum to "You" that mass amounts of enemies known to be Uncreation soldiers originating from Xuetul are attacking Sanctuary and that the masters have been teleported there to assist in the defense. The King explains that You that Xuetul's ruler, Arthos, is responsible for commanding the invasion on Sancturary. The king of the Seventh Sanctum requests that "You" go assault and take down Arthos, starting from Anechoia Forest, where Uncreation Scouts are believed to be funneling from under the command of their leader, Vertas Acantar. "You" while expressing confusion on all the sudden events unfolding at once, is eager to help out as he is teleported to the entrance of Anechoia Forest by King.

Arriving at Anechoia Forest, King tells You that that the king of the Seventh Sanctum requests for the enemies within the forest to be eliminated to stop the ongoing flow of attackers on Sanctuary and navigate the forest itself to get to Xuetul. King then tells You that he must leave off communications with them to check up on the masters. Despite the immense tasks set out for You, You accepts them. You approaches the forest entrance, but they also see someone in a purple shirt and black pants there as well staring into it. You approaches the unknown person and asks them what they were doing there. The unknown person turns around in shock seemingly aiming what seems to be a slingshot at You who quickly tells them to calm down. The purple-shirted person does so and introduces themselves as Slinger. You introduces themselves to Slinger as well and asks them what they were doing at Anechoia Forest again. Slinger explains that he is from Xuetul, a kingdown under the tyranny of Arthos, who has became corrupt over the past recent months. He states that he was at the forest to train but saw Arthos' forces moving around the forest leading to himself hiding as he did not want to engage the soldiers for the fear of dying which would in turn "have Xuetul's future die as well". You questions what Slinger meant by this, and Slinger replies that he wants to overthrow Arthos as Xuetul, as well as the lands near it, will continue to suffer under Arthos' rule and wants to take over the kingdom to lead Xuetul to a brighter future. You, while slightly taken aback by Slinger's boost in tone, offers to help him as You wants to stop the soldiers from attacking Sancturary. Slinger is happy to hear this, and taking up a boisterous tone, tells You to go in the forest first telling them that "the future leader of Xuetul will be right behind you!". 

Navigating through Anechoia Forest, Slinger shouts that there were enemies nearby unknowingly attracting even more adversaries to their position. You is slightly annoyed by this, and continues to travel through the forest while fighting off Uncreation Scouts with Slinger in tow. Reaching a clearing, Slinger states that they were near at the end of the forest until both Slinger and You see someone alone wearing a grey shirt and black pants donning a hood and a mask resembling a fox near the exit. Slinger approaches the hooden person to ask who they were until they call for Uncreation Scouts that jump down from the trees, ready to attack Slinger and You. Slinger is terrified by the sudden enemies that appeared, and runs away leaving an exasperated You to fight alone. Once You defeats the enemies, Slinger reappears running up to the hooded person who has collapsed and demands to know who they are. The hooded person is silent for a moment, but then reveals themselves as Vertas Acantar, leader of the Uncreation Scouts. Slinger then asks as to why Vertas was working with Arthos, Vertas explains that in the past, Xuetul was corrupt under the first ruler, Kezus, and took more and more from the villages near it. She states that Arthos came by to her village and promised a new Xuetul, one where everyone was treated equally, leading to her joining and training under the Uncreations eventually becoming the Uncreation Scout leader. She then goes on to explain that she was tasked several months later after her promotion to assault Sancturary as Arthos put it as "The Seventh Sanctum will be the first of many to try to stop us from building our utopia.". After explaining herself, she takes on a somber tone stating that now that she has failed on her mission, Arthos possibly won't be able to bring the lands of Draco to a new age. Acknowledging Arthos' actions over the past few months, she forgives him believing that "the ends justify the means". Her parting words, "Thanks, Arthos. That's all I can think of to say." are said before she collapses and falls unconcious. Slinger is seen at the forest exit staring into it who explains that now that the Uncreation Scout division has fallen, all that's left is to take back Xuetul. He looks back at  the body of Vertas and then to You urging that they must hurry lest there will be "more victims like Vertas.".

Entering Xuetul, King contacts You via telepathy to thank them on taking down Vertas, as the enemies have begun to disperse and scatter. He then explains to You that the masters have been transported back to him and reminds You that the primary objective to be fufilled is to take down Arthos to stop any more invasions on Sancturary. King then bids You good luck on their mission and leaves off communications with them. Slinger explains to You that if they needed to overthrow Arthos, they need revolutionaries where Slingers states will be at a base. He leads You to Felfang Road which is the quickest way to the nearest base until they find a crowd of Uncreation Raiders converging ready to march to the base. Slinger, taken aback by this, states that You and himself need to hurry and get to the base to warn them of upcoming raiders and then runs ahead leaving You behind telling them to catch up. You makes it through Felfang Road to the revolutionaries' base to find a frustrated Slinger at the entrance seemingly talking to someone inside. Slinger turns to You and explains that the revolutionaries will only let them in if they defend their base from the Uncreation Raiders and that they are unable to help as there weren't many revolutionaries in the base, let alone anyone who was ablebodied to assist. You and Slinger work together to hold off the initial large wave of Uncreation Raiders until a massive creature resembling a stop sign floating above the ground with dirt underneath it whilst holding two other stop signs with roots like axes. Slinger is intimidated by it's presence and explains to You that the creature is simply named S.T.O.P, a being that destroyed many revolutionary bases around Xuetul and felled many who dared to face it in combat. Slinger almost runs away again but You stops him this time, explaining to Slinger that without taking down S.T.O.P, many other revolutionaries will simply die in the future. While Slinger expresses clear disdain towards fighting S.T.O.P, he reluctantly accepts the risk as he while not wanting to put his life on the line, wants to keep "his comrades safe from harm".

Once S.T.O.P has been defeated, Slinger and You are quickly let in the revolutionaries' base. The duo sees several revolutionaries, scattered around the interior of the base lying on beds with various injuries. The rest of the people in the base who could still stand were either walking around or tending to the injured. One of the revolutionaries that let Slinger and You in immedietely recognize Slinger and angrily asks him why "he crawled back to Xuetul". You asks what the revolutionary was talking about but Slinger stops the revolutionary before they are able to explain, stating that "he will tell You himself". The revolutionary is disgruntled and goes back to guarding the entrance. Slinger then turns to you, stating that while he never wanted to explain what he did in the past to You, he felt like owed You an explaination (entirety of Slinger's backstory) as to why Slinger has been trying too hard to come off as a bold leader whilst yet being cowardly and rash at the same time. After Slinger's explaination, You states that while they do resent Slinger for his decisions and actions, You does hope for Slinger to learn from his past experiences and become a better person out of it. Slinger understands that this was the case, and then tells You that it was time to "take the fight to Arthos". Slinger then calls for everyone's attention, and the majority of the people in the base turn in his direction, slightly irritated that they were interuptted from their duties. Slinger begins a speech, explaining that while he has done wrong in the past, he has trained to better himself since then, and wished to make amends for his recklessness. He tries to sway the revolutionaries and fearful citizens over to his side for help the fight against Arthos, but most people simply gave him looks of anger and resent and others simply turned away, going back to whatever they were doing. Slinger, distressed by this, ran aorund the base, trying to talk others into fighting Arthos, but everyone simply ignored or pushed him away. Slinger becomes frustrated and then shouts at You that he will be at Zelia Hall and runs out of the base, not waiting for You to follow. The same revolutionary from the entrance walks up to You and suggests that they should help Slinger out, stating that while he despised Slinger in for what he has done back then, he feels bad for Slinger as "even though he did some really dumb stuff back then and that I don't exactly forgive him for it, he's trying to fight for a good cause noneoftheless". The revolutionary then gives You directions to Zelia Hall and states that he will try to convince others to help Slinger out, though he is afraid that nobody will listen and Slinger will simply die alone. "You" thanks the revolutionary, and runs out of the base to Zelia Hall.

Arrivingµ at Zelia Hall, You sees Arthos, the man they were tasked to take down standing next to three statues. You almost doesn't see Slinger until he finds Slinger at the corner of his eye, staring at You as well, but visibly nervous as he doesn't take another step forward, seemingly gripped by hesitation. Arthos breifly adresses You and Slinger, stating that they have cause much trouble for him by killing off his "brethren" and that they were an extreme threat to Xuetul's future. He then mumbles under his breath several words and runs into Zelia Hall. Before You can call Slinger for assistance, the statues begin to move and attack You, with Slinger still frozen in place. After one of the statues are defeated, Slinger comes in to help You, apoligizing for losing it back in the base and for how he acted throughout all the time himself and You were working together. Slinger becomes slightly more confident, as though a weight was lifted from his shoulders, and helps You fight off the remaining statues. After the statues are defeated, Slinger and You look to where Arthos was, only to find him running inside Zelia Hall and closing the gates. Before Slinger and You try to destroy the gate, someone calls over Slinger who turns out to be a revolutionary, standing with a small group of other revolutionaries. Slinger is shocked to see this, and before he can say anything, one of the revolutionaries tell him, "You wanna prove yourself? Lead the charge and defeat Arthos, Slinger. Prove to us that you truly have learned from your mistakes!". Slinger simply smiles and thanks the group for coming to aid him. He then turns towards the gate, where Uncreation Defenders are arriving at to defend, and with a booming voice, commands the group to charge for gate. After the gate is destroyed, Slinger and You enter Zelia Hall, but after Slinger tells one of the revolutionaries to have the rest of them fight off Uncreation Defenders that try to head inside Zelia Hall, as Slinger and You will be fighting Arthos.

Slinger and You find Arthos, sitting on a chair next to a desk. He is looking out of the window towards the night sky way from You and Slinger, supposedly with his mask off. He sighs to himself and puts his mask back on whilst turning towards Slinger and You. He states with a somber tone in his voice that Xuetul's future of a "utopia" was being torn apart even as they breathed, questioning why Slinger and You were taking it apart, Almost immediately Slinger brashly yells at Arthos that this "utopia" was nothing close to it, as many citizens and villagers were suffering underneath Artho's rule. Arthos shakes his head, stating that Slinger didn't understand Artho's motives as Slinger wasn't born at the time Xuetul's first ruler, Kezus, was in power. You questions about who Kezus was and Arthos states that he will explain Kezus as well as the circumstances (entirety of the "Plot" section) leading up until now. After Artho finishes explaining, he asks Slinger and You if they understood why he did what he did. Slinger states that while his cause was noble, Artho's failure as a leader for the city and that he was responsible for the suffering of many people does not justify his actions. Arthos rebutts Slinger by telling him to listen to the people outside Zelia Hall, he points out that they were cheering his name. Slinger and You however do not hear shouts of praise for Arthos, only shouts of battle from outside. Slinger tries to correct Arthos on this but is quickly interrupted by Arthos suddenly shouting that "there were still people who belived in him and his cause". He calls for Uncreation Elites to aid him and as he gets ready to fight You and Slinger, he states that he would avenge everyone who has sacrificed their lives for him and his cause, stating that, "Vertas, S.T.O.P, as well as every other soldier who has spilled blood and their own for me. They weren't simply pawns for my cause, they were my family who belived in me, depended on me to guide them towards peace and prosperity. I cannot let their efforts be all for nothing! Slinger! "The strongest shall lead Xuetul.", right? Very well, let us see who shall shape the future of this city after today!".

Arthos is defeated, and before he dies, he breifly congradulates Slinger on his victory, but questions if a person with faults like Slinger could really lead Xuetul, without letting Xuetul lead him as well as Slinger turning into someone like Arthos. Slinger mulls over this for a moment, then replys to Arthos that while it will take time, he could get over his flaws and better himself. Arthos is glad to hear this, and wishes Xuetul and Slinger to go on the right path towards the brighter future, before dying. After Arthos' death, Slinger turns to You, and then out the window as the sun has begun to rise. He thanks You immensely for all that he has done for him and states that You is welcome in Xuetul at anytime. You smiles at this, and then contacts King to tell him that the mission was a success and that Xuetul was in "the right hands now". King is glad to hear this and tells You that he will be teleporting You back to the throne room soon and then leaves off communications on You. Before You is teleported back to the throne room, Slinger runs up to You a small pebble as "something to remember him by". You thanks Slinger and Slinger asks for one more favor which was, "I know its kinda selfish for me to be asking you for favors especially for all that you've done for me and Xuetul. but what Arthos said earlier, about me having to not be like him as I ruled. It probably won't happen, but if I do stray off the right path, if I do become irredeemable beyond comprehension, I want you to come back to Xuetul and strike me down. I won't even stop you." You, slightly hesitant to respond, agrees to this and is teleported back to the King's throne room.



-Server: "The following is a non-canon chapter."

-Server: "This means that the current chapter does not take place in the actual storyline."

-Server: "It basically didn't happen."

-Server: "This, is Retributon."

A cutscene plays with "You" in the throne room upon the King's urgent request.

-You: "Alright King, what's the situation? And where are the masters?"

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