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    Chapter Mechanics

    January 1, 2017 by XXsosticeXx

    As You and King walk down the straight path to the palace. You will see a split path with two doors one with a sword engraved on it and one with a magic circle engraved on it and one in the middle that is locked with chains. Which door you head in is what the majority chooses once done the chosen door will open and you can progress.

    In this world teleportation takes three times the mana making you be drained of mana really fast if used in quick succesion and or in longer distances so King can't use teleportation as much here as he would in the normal world.

    As you walking down a long corridor you will see an end that leads to a big arena after entering a barrier will rise. this is where you will meet your first encounter with enemies called Z…

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    Chapter plot

    January 1, 2017 by XXsosticeXx

    King - Hey sorry for the delay had to deal with a little problem.

    Slicer - What was the problem King?

    King - Nothing really just a tiny thing that I had to do before I came back.

    King - While I was gone what did you guys discuss and did the training go well.

    Piercer - The training went well he passed with absoulte flying colors we all doubted he could have done it he suprised us. anyhow both arcane and dezadon came and "you" asked some questions about they different types of spirits that roam around and the also talked about A-

    King - Arzen...

    (Flashback of Zephyr having his back turned)

    Piercer - Im sorry for bringing it up we all know how you are with this topic....

    King - Its fine this was gonna happen sooner or later and on top of that I don't think "…

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    Zephyr Loginus

    December 2, 2016 by XXsosticeXx

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Limiter Release =

    }} |title = One Of The Strongest Beings In Draco |firstapp = |allegiance = King's Faction |theme = Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST - Caius's Theme
    Limiter Release 30%: Last Battle - from Romancing SaGa 2 ~ Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange |health = 2500000 |skills = 16 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 24000 |pp = 600 }}

    Zephyr wears a blue Guardia with a very fuzzy cape and has a dark blue chest plate while his arms and face are imbued with white mana type armor and he has gray pants. He is very cheerful most the time and delighted to see new people in his presence he will only use the full extent of his power when there is a dire problem and or if he gets angered.

    Zephyr had grown to be one o…

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