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    "Thz'at Kulues fellow back before yer great granny wuz even born messed up mah friends an' da King of Shiriko. Now he's all up an-a hollaring inside of me!'" A spirit who wields dual scythes, a primarily black and orange scythe with a teal coating on the blade named Bli and a primarily white and teal scythe with an orange coating on the blade named Fli, he boasts both of physical as well as magical prowess, and a hard country accent. Sizeis' scythes aren't physical manifestations of his mana, they were specifically crafted to take in Sizeis' mana and brutally weaponize it into a mess of lethal energy. Originally born in peasentry of a old kingdom named Shiriko, his youth was spent plowing fields with a scythe, and dreams of valor and glory…

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    Sizeis' Chapter Plot

    December 4, 2016 by Zultraalzul

    Link to Sizeis

    The King calls on the player to tell him urgent news, the Slash Fortress that was recovered had suddenly been taken over by powerful monsters, along with the revival of McSlash. While warning the player about the recent news of group comprised of three people who had called themselves the "Devastators of Kretz", and that they might be linked to the current events.

    The King calls upon the player for an emergency, informing him about the recent attack on the newly recovered Slash Fortress, how reports were given on powerful monsters appearing and McSlash had been revived. Slicer travels with the player in hopes of meeting McSlash to settle the last of his regrets, however before they head off the King tells the player on the rec…

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    November 28, 2016 by Zultraalzul

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    }} |title = The Scythe Master |allegiance = Devastators of Kretz |health = 3000000 |skills = 12 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 15000 |pp = 500 |theme = Jercio's Law - Fancy Loops Reformed: Jerico's Law - PanneDemonology }}

    Link to Sizeis's chapter plot

    Sizeis has a black shirt with gray pants, he carries his scythe, Zali, a black scythe with glowing red decorations and holes that look like eyes. He is a calm individual outside of combat, while being slightly undermining and slightly cocky due to his title as The Scythe Master. Coming from an area which he calls "Kretz", he shows little to no care about the current conflict with the Darkin and the King.

    In his Reformed mode his pants become black as hi…

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