I am Volucer. The master of air.
— Volucer, introducing himself.

Volucer Edit

Volucer has brown pants, white skin, and a blue torso. He wears a blue and gold hood, and has a pair of white wings, as well as donning a set of blue and white foot binders that emit blue sparkles. Volucer specializes in fast flying, and uses a fighting style consisting of kicks and wind attacks.

Volucer, unlike the other trainees, is interested in pursuing a sport. This sport eventually becomes the obstacle course game "The Doom Wall 2", which is made by SuperCloud9.

Trivia Edit

-Volucer exists in BFS simply to tie together the universes of TDW2 and BFS. He was added from SuperCloud9 noticing that in TDW2, Volucer was referred to as "the master of air". This reminded him of the Masters in BFS, and so he decided to link the two universes together by having Volucer make a cameo appearance in BFS.

-Volucer is latin for "winged" or "flying".