I am Zhao. I am not interested in training.
— Zhao, introducing himself.

Zhao Edit

Zhao has black pants and a dark blue-green torso, donning a hood of the same color. He has a scar on his left cheek, as well as a stoic expression. His primary weapon is a darkage bo staff which is capable of extending, though he has the ability to wield three weapons.

During introductions, Zhao states that he wishes to assist the other trainees with their training with the people in his village that he protects.

Zhao seems to fit the stereotype of the powerful, wise sensei, as he was skilled enough to beat Kai with one hand, yet used both hands in the end to honor Kai's power.

Trivia Edit

-Zhao and Piercer were friends before training.

-The king says he can detect a large sense of mana coming from Zhao